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Hello my name is Robert I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be the executive chef at the Oceana Club. I am Romanian, from a small child I loved food more than I loved anything else. Cooking is the thing that brings so much joy to my life, working in a professional kitchen is not easy, you need to dedicated and motivated every minute and work hard in getting that end results of creating a great dish. When you see the clients are happy your motivation grows higher and higher, it's a beautiful job where you can be forever creative. When I'm not working I love to disconnect and play my guitar.

Hi my name is Juan Jose and I am from Bolivia. When I was a boy I used to watch my grandmother cooking and then as I grew older I started to cook for the family.
I love creating new dishes and recipes. One of my favourite chefs is Jamie Oliver.
I was very proud to finish cooking school and get my qualifications. One day I’d like to have my own kitchen .
Now I am part of the amazing team at the Oceana Club.




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