Head Chef at the Oceana Club Hassan Fezzaga has 13 years experience and is very well known here in the Marina  Alta region we are proud and honoured to have Hassan Working here at the Oceana Club . Hassan is very experienced in Mediterranean cuisine , Oriental cuisine, food decoration and is well known for working with  an eclectic mix of aromatic flavours .

“Hassan Says “

I’ve had a love  of cooking since I was very young Some of my best memories I have are being in the kitchen helping my mum cook and prepare food  for all the family , I just love to be in the kitchen wether  it’s to prepare something simple , try something new or invent something with just the ingredients I have to hand . I love to see people enjoy the food I prepare and cook , many people find cooking stressful but this is where I’m most relaxed and happy .

Second Head Chef


My passion for cooking came from my grandfather , my family had a restaurant in Aldenueva de la Vera (caceres) .
I’ve worked in the kitchen for the last 25 years in some of the best kitchens in Madrid .

This is my second year at the Oceana Club , my strengths are Mediterranean foods and specialty rices ie Paella .

We hope one day you can enjoy our rich gastronomy in the most beautiful location .



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